Stuffed Date Gift Box – Gluten Free

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Sugar. It’s delicious…there’s no denying it and many crave it.  But there’s a delicious treat that’s just as satisfying and with positive health benefits. It’s “Nature’s Sweet!” Experience Sweet Saffron!



This pack contains pitted California medjool date get stuffed with walnut, pistachio, cashew and almond.

A quarter of date covered in white chocolate.🍫🍷
Orange powder on white chocolate is saffron.
Also get decorate with all natural product which is dried strawberry, dried kiwi, and dried orange. 🥝🍓🍊 This pack comes with rose buds 🌹 that you can add to tea and enjoy the great smell. ☕️
This is a great healthy sweet treat box for those who have sweet tooth but concerned about sugar.
No Sugar rush.
Great with wine, tea and coffee. Enjoy sweet gatherings with sweet saffron. 🍷☕️

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 5 cm

Sweet Saffron

5 reviews for Stuffed Date Gift Box – Gluten Free

  1. Nora

    That was great and tasty. loved the saffron on dates.

  2. Sherly

    such a healthy sweet box.

  3. Amanda Escobedo

    These were presented so beautifully and they were DELICIOUS!

  4. Sophia

    Date and chocolate…. very delicious and healthy. stuffed with nuts and dried fruit… really loved that

  5. Aiden

    Very well presented, very tasty.

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